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Whiskey is deservedly considered one of the courageous drinks, it has a long and glorious history, which will not be boring to listen to in the company of friends, slowly sipping it from a glass. Our site offers an extensive collection of whisky online, which will please connoisseurs of this drink, and those just starting to get acquainted with it. We present exclusively licensed products from leading brands that have already earned recognition in the global market, and now you can fully appreciate their products.

Buying whiskey is not an easy task, especially when you have not yet decided on your favourite producer or region, so we will try to understand the complex and confusing world of whiskey.

How was whiskey created?

The history of the creation of whiskey is very ambiguous: for several centuries, the Irish and Scots have appropriated the idea of ​​creating whiskey to themselves and categorically refuse to give in to their rival. Therefore, it would be correct to talk in each story separately because the whiskey of both Ireland and Scotland is very different in taste and manufacturing technology, but they play a major role in deciding the question “how to buy whisky online in UK correctly?”

So, the Scots claim that their teachers in the production of whiskey were missionaries who received valuable information from the crusaders who fought in the East about the basics of distillation. It was decided to replace the grapes in the original version with barley, fumigated with peat, add water, which was enough in Scotland, and “season” with marine notes. And already, at the end of the fifteenth century, the name was approved, which, as a result of metamorphosis, was transformed into the modern whiskey.

Their opponents, the Irish, claim that the creation of whiskey is the work of none other than St. Patrick himself! It was the creation of the divine drink that Patrick, first of all, took up, setting foot on Irish land, followed by the conversion of pagans to Christianity and the expulsion of snakes. What the Irish have certainly excelled at is selling whiskey to other countries. While the Scots were enjoying their creation alone, the Irish obtained a patent and were in full swing selling whiskey worldwide through English intermediaries.

How to buy whiskey that’s right for you?

So, let’s divide all whiskey into two categories: malt and blended.

Single Malt Whiskey is a single-distillery barley malt drink that belongs to the highest rank of whiskey. You cannot buy whisky online cheap, but the money spent is worth it.

Whiskey Blend – the second category of whiskey, implying mixing or otherwise blending grain and malt spirits in different proportions, in various quantities and from different distilleries, as it happens – is known only to the master – the blender. This whiskey is cheaper to buy than its opponent, but sometimes the richness of the blend’s aromas can outshine even a single malt competitor.

Which country is better to buy whiskey?

The Scots, after preliminary preparation, dry the barley with peat smoke, which in each region has its own characteristics and, as a result, lays the character of the resulting whiskey. From this malt, in the course of long manipulations, a fermenting mixture is obtained. Later, it is driven twice or three times through the cubes (whoever considers it necessary), receiving pure strong alcohol at the output, placed in wood barrels, where it is kept for at least three years. Then it is filtered, brought to the required condition and poured into containers for further sale. In short, if you want to know more about products before buying whiskey, you will be helped by our online alcohol store. You can buy Scotch Whisky with online delivery in the UK in our store.

The Irish are less scrupulous about the production of whiskey: they write off the delights of their drink on pure Irish water, in which they soak and germinate the grain during the wort creation process when the grain is sufficiently grown, it is ground, brought to the desired consistency and left to ferment. Double or triple distillation (as you like), placing in barrels no more than 700 liters for at least three years – and you have real Irish whiskey in your hands. But not everything is so simple because it is not for nothing that Irish whiskey has so many admirers: if it were empty and uninteresting, they would not drink it. 

Do not forget about American and Canadian whiskey, the abundance and popularity of which is simply off the scale. Canadians prefer rye and wheat when preparing their drink, in the United States, it is corn, the percentage of which must be more than half the base to order to bear the title of bourbon. To be called bourbon, the drink must also be produced exclusively in the United States, have a strength of at least 40% and be aged in new, pre-burnt oak. Also, the Americans missed the moment of malting, and the exposure was reduced to a minimum of three months. Bourbon is diverse and beautiful, you just need to be able to figure it out.

There is a separate category of seemingly unusual corners of the Earth: Indian, Japanese, Taiwanese, French whiskey – for every taste and aroma! But they all tend to use Scottish or Irish production methods, adding only their minor adjustments.

Classification by criteria

The flavour profile is directly related to the malting process. Here, the amount of water, filtration, container characteristics, the shape of the distillation product, air temperature and holding time play an important role. The naturalness of the barrel material has positive and negative sides. During the ageing process, a wooden barrel is impregnated with the characteristic aroma of the product, but this is often used in the classic technology of whiskey preparation. After a certain period, the product is moved from one barrel to another, thereby achieving a harmonious mixing of odours. This also affects the taste characteristics of the product.

Scotch whiskey is considered a classic, the name of which comes from the pioneering country. It has average strength, sweetness and the correct aftertaste. Irish whiskey is also popular. It is distributed all over the world. It is important to understand that they differ in production technology. While in Scotland, it is customary to dry malt on peat for a smoky aftertaste, they use peat-free oven drying. In Ireland, the drink gets its maximum softness in this way.

Features of the production and use of whiskey

The drink is characterised by an ageing period of three years, after which the product is called the word whiskey. The minimum term should only apply to the grain base, while this is not enough for malt. For its ripening, in captivity, it is kept up to twenty years. Exclusive varieties are distinguished by the longest period, from twenty years. Rare specimens have been kept for half a century.

Whiskey is accepted as an aperitif and digestif, depending on the country’s traditions of the country and the type of drink. It is recommended to fill the nosing glass with alcohol, the aroma of the drink is most expressed in it. The tapered top helps concentrate liquid vapours in the right direction.

We have selected an assortment based on our own many years of experience, recommendations of our partners, and authoritative international publications for our clients. Our online whisky shop offers you brands that have stood the test of time by experts and consumers all over the world. These are drinks for a romantic dinner, and a festive feast, and a noisy picnic, and a gift to a dear friend, and the creation of an exclusive collection.


Rum & Gin

Any holiday, party or Friday night is accompanied by drinking alcohol. But not every person knows how to use this or that drink. An improperly drunk rum or gin can be frustrating. Which is better to choose, gin or rum? Let’s take a look at the features of these drinks.

The alcoholic beverage gin is famous all over the world. The history of gin dates back to the 16th century. Then it was used as a medicine. Today it is a popular drink in all nightclubs and bars. The drink contains alcohol, juniper berries and pine needles. The average degree of the undiluted beverage is 35 degrees. Gin is drunk chilled. But don’t freeze it like vodka. Experts recommend placing the bottle in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. It will give the gin the required temperature.

An alcoholic drink called Rum is familiar to every person. It is a real “pirate” alcohol, but it must be drunk correctly. There are 3 types of rum in the world:

  • Light coloured,
  • Amber,
  • Dark or black.

Each species differs not only in colour but also in the ageing period and method of use. The ageing period for each species is different. Light rum is considered a young drink and is infused from 6 months to 1.5 years. The amber-coloured drink is more matured. Its ripening period is up to 2 years. The noblest black rum is consumed only after 5-7 years of ageing.

Gin features

Gin with an alcoholic strength of at least 37.5% belongs to the category of spirits. In production, the technology of distillation of grain alcohol is used. Herbal spices are added for a specific taste. The drink is also called “juniper vodka”. The mouthfeel is generally dry and therefore not recommended for clean applications. If you love this drink, then you will probably be interested in getting acquainted with its history. If you decide to try it for the first time, then you should carefully familiarise yourself with the features of this alcoholic product before buying gin online.

This alcohol has more than 40 aromas in composition – from coriander, cardamom, nutmeg to rosemary, lavender and saffron. It is most commonly used for cocktails. All variations of the drink are presented on our website.

The methods of making gin have evolved over the decades, and today manufacturers have found the very basic recipes they use. Popular brands use the following methods:

  • Distillation;
  • Mixing.

In the first method, alcohol is diluted with water, reducing the strength of the content to 45%. The resulting liquid is placed in a distillation cube, and spices are added. Depending on the desired percentage of the fortress, more water is added. The result is a drink of 37.5-50%.

The second method is cheaper, and the product is also cheap due to the ease of preparation. This is the so-called gin essence. It is obtained as a result of the infusion of spices with alcohol. The cooking process is completed by the addition of regular alcohol and water. It is also not difficult to buy Cheap gin online, as our site works with a large number of manufacturers.

Gin classification by style

The most famous species is London, there are also Dutch, Plymouth and Old Tom. The latter is made according to an old recipe from the 18th century. It is additionally sweetened with syrup, which makes it stand out from many others.

Dutch alcoholic drinks have less strength than their counterparts. They are made from juniper and grain wort. Manufacturers distinguish three types depending on the ageing period:

  • Jonge. A young and affordable drink.
  • Oude. It has an amber tint due to medium ageing.
  • Zeer Oude. The oldest and most expensive option. It has a characteristic straw colour and aroma.

Genever is only available for manufacture in the Netherlands, Belgium and some areas of France and Germany. Its distinctive features are similar to whiskey, light aroma of juniper and other ingredients.

Lovers prefer Order gin online UK from London-style manufacturers such as Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Broker, Gordons. The Plymouth company works in the Plymouth style. Gene Old Tom is typical for Haymans, Anchor, Ransom.

In the English classification, alcohol is divided into LondonDryGin, PlymouthGin, Yellow Gin, flavoured. The first option belongs to the premium class and is characterised by the highest quality. No sugar is added. Wheat is used for the production of the second type. The strength of the drink is regulated by the content of distilled water. The third has an amber colour. It is considered rare and therefore has a high price tag. To obtain a flavoured drink, certain ingredients are simply soaked in gin.

Features of rum production

The Caribbean drink is made from sugar cane. In its manufacture, methods of fermentation and distillation of ingredients are used. At the end of the process, a clear liquid is obtained, stored in oak barrels. The Caribbean recipe for alcohol passed to other countries, and now it is produced in Australia, India, and Europe. It is not difficult to buy rum, it is presented in a wide range on the British market, but let’s get to know this glorious drink better to make the right choice before Buy rum online.

There are three main types of products according to manufacturing technology:

  • Agricultural;
  • Industrial;
  • Tafia.

In the first case, pure cane juice is used without sugar separation. This method is expensive, and the finished drink has no special differences from analogues. In the second case, the black syrup is used, waste from the production of cane sugar. It is relevant today and is used by many manufacturers. The resulting sugar is refined and sold, and alcohol is made from the leftovers. It turns out a waste-free production. In the third method, the drink is made from molasses waste. Such a product is of lower quality but cheap.

Rum classification

There are more than 40 varieties of alcoholic beverage, but all of them can be classified by colour, strength and taste. By color, the drink is divided into types:

White rum. It is also called light or silver. It is a clear drink with no pronounced taste. Used as a base for cocktails.

Gold. The products are of medium density. Taste quality is difficult to describe in one word, as it changes. Both spices and caramel are felt. The characteristic amber shade is obtained due to ageing for 1.5-2 years.

Dark. The shade is brown, red and black. Ages longer in time and in charred barrels. It has a strong taste with notes of molasses or caramel. Also used in cocktails and added to various dishes.

Depending on the strength:

Aged. Premium class. It is aged for more than 5 years and is consumed in its pure form, like whiskey. It is characterized by a strong taste. Order rum online UK is available on our website, where there is a large selection of quality spirits from the best producers.

Strong. After ageing, it is bottled undiluted, its strength is from 60 to 90 degrees. It is not used in its pure form, it is used as an additive.

A lighter type of rum is also distinguished – the rum elixir. Its peculiarity is the reduced alcohol content up to 30%. It has a sweet and rich flavour. It is advisable to use it neat, not in cocktails.

True connoisseurs of cane distillate know where to buy rum in the UK of various styles. Rum of the Spanish and English kind are similar to each other. To create them, they use by-products of the sugar industry – molasses. The Spanish style is the lightest and softest; the distillation of alcohols takes place in columns of a continuous cycle. Rum in the English style is obtained mainly by distillation in cubes, but spirits distilled in columns can be partially added.

Where to buy rum and gin online

It is very easy to buy alcohol in the UK. You no longer have to waste precious time visiting specialised stores one after another searching for your favourite brand or variety. We have developed an intuitive interface that allows you to navigate the main categories of the site easily and quickly place an order.

We are responsible for the quality of each product in our online catalogue. Cooperation with trusted and reliable suppliers with an impeccable reputation is our creed. The sale of alcoholic products of the best brands with a worldwide reputation and a quality guarantee is our rule without exceptions! The main goal is to satisfy the buyer’s needs, which means providing quality products and guaranteeing their good cost.

Humanity has long used alcohol as one of the most effective means to relax, relieve stress, and distract from pressing problems. The exquisite taste of alcoholic beverages, the fast effect they have, and a reasonably affordable cost determine their popularity. Our store offers its customers fine wines, spicy liqueurs and vermouths, original rum and whiskey, selling alcohol online. Fine spirits are always available – products of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Interesting facts about alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic beverages have been known to mankind since antiquity. And they, of course, change like everything in our life. Probably, every new event or accomplishment is accompanied by exciting facts or curious cases. Among the significant number of fun facts about alcohol, let’s dwell on some of them.

  • Many people believe that alcohol increases body temperature. In fact, it lowers it.
  • Most vegetables and all fruits contain some alcohol.
  • Winston Churchill is known as an alcohol enthusiast, but Adolf Hitler, on the contrary, was an ardent teetotaler.
  • Abraham Lincoln had a liquor manufacturing licence and owned several taverns.
  • One of the oldest recipes found describes the process of making a drink like beer.
  • The soil in one of the graperies in France is estimated so valuable that workers are obliged to clean their shoes before leaving, not to take away expensive grains of sand.
  • There are about 49 million bubbles in a bottle of champagne.
  • Alcohol often does not contain fat and cholesterol, but it has a very high-calorie content.
  • In some states of the United States, alcohol is a medicine.
  • All 13 trace minerals that are necessary to sustain human life can be found in alcoholic beverages.
  • Initially, cognac and whiskey are transparent and acquire their golden brown colour while vatting in wooden barrels, in other words, during ageing.
  • Many argue that real tequila must have a caterpillar. In fact, it was a publicity stunt for an American tequila company.
  • If the bar is well equipped, about 17 864 392 78 cocktails can be prepared from the drinks available.
  • To produce the best varieties of port, grape juice squeezed out by trampling with bare feet in a barrel of grapes.
  • Most wines deteriorate with age. Therefore, the statement that the best wine is old wine is not entirely true.
  • The phrase “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” is supposed the shortest English expression containing all the alphabet letters. Alcohol lovers have a different opinion on this matter – “Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs”.

How to buy quality alcohol in the UK

Buying alcohol online UK beverages can be a real dilemma. The choice depends on several factors: features of the event, gastronomic compatibility, taste preferences, cost of goods, etc. For example, you can purchase everyone’s favourite wine you have tasted before for a family dinner. But when choosing alcohol for a meeting with partners in an informal setting, you can no longer rely only on your own preferences. How to choose the right one among the abundance of types of spirits, and what criteria must be followed?

The assortment of our site includes a wide variety of alcohol. You can purchase: 

  • wine: red, white, rose, sparkling;
  • spirits: vodka, gin, whiskey, brandy, etc .;
  • liqueurs and vermouths.

The choice can be made by a type of drink or by brand. For the convenience of buyers, the most popular brands are presented on the main page of the section. 

Alcohol names: what do they mean? 

When you decide to buy alcohol online UK, then for sure, the first question arises: what, in fact, to choose? The catalogue is replete with various names, the meaning of which the distant buyer does not even know. An alcoholic beverage can belong to one of the following categories:

  • absinthe – produced based on 70% alcohol, the main component is bitter wormwood;
  • aperitif – served before meals to increase appetite and suppress food perception receptors, it can be vermouth, sherry and other options; brandy – the general name of products, whose strength is from 37%, suitable for consumption after meals;
  • wine – you can order alcohol online for a romantic dinner, daily use, the strength is on average 16%;
  • whiskey – made on the basis of different types of grains and using different technologies;
  • vodka- strong spirits produced on the basis of alcohol, therefore it has a characteristic smell and taste;
  • gin – the strength is from 37.5%, it has a dry taste, so it is best to buy such alcohol in the UK for use in cocktails;
  • calvados – brandy made of pear or apple, the strength is often about 40%;
  • cachaca – in many countries, it is considered a Brazilian rum, produced based on sugar cane;
  • cognac is a type of brandy. Only particular grape varieties are used for production;
  • liqueur – such alcoholic beverages are distinguished by sweetness and aroma, the alcohol content starts from 15%, they are used to create many cocktails;
  • rum – obtained by fermentation and distillation of molasses and cane syrup;
  • sake – a traditional Japanese drink, with a spicy, bitter aftertaste, unlike any other alcohol;
  • tequila – a strong alcoholic beverage based on blue agave, often used in the preparation of various cocktails;
  • champagne and sparkling wines – made by secondary fermentation of wine, it is often chosen for a feast;
  • schnapps is a general category of spirits, with an alcohol content of 40%.

As you can see, it will definitely not be difficult to buy cheap alcohol online. The main thing is to understand what they are for, your taste preferences, and the body’s individual characteristics.

Exquisite wine is ideal for a romantic dinner. A champagne bottle must be present on the festive table. Men’s gatherings are mainly accompanied by drinking cognac, whiskey, or other spirits. If you need alcohol, it is not difficult to buy it in the UK; the main thing is to be sure of the seller’s reliability. We have only original products in our assortment, the quality of which is confirmed by the manufacturers. The reasonable prices that the store offers to consumers became possible thanks to well-thought-out logistic schemes and direct cooperation with leading brands. If there is a need for additional information, our experts are ready to help with selecting alcoholic beverages. We have online alcohol delivery, regardless of the day of the week: you can choose a convenient payment method and the right time.

The influence of alcohol on the body cannot be underestimated. In small doses, it promotes vasodilation, improves blood circulation, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, warms, slows down the ageing process. But with an increase in the dose, the benefits melt and gradually turn into harm because ethyl alcohol is a relatively strong poison, and when certain values ​​are reached (5 g per 1 kg of weight), the intoxication of the body takes on life-threatening dimensions.

Consume alcohol moderately, and it will remain one of the pleasant aspects of life for you.

Beer is a drink loved by millions of people around the world. In some countries, the locals love this drink so much that it has become a real cult. For example, in Germany, it is drunk by more than 95% of men, the sale of beer here is elevated to the rank of art. No wonder that the most famous beer festival Octoberfest takes place here. Similar holidays are also held in Belgium, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. There is no need to travel worldwide to enjoy a particular sort of beer since our store provides online beer delivery in the UK.

Beer is one of the oldest drinks that remains popular today. Manufacturers produce new varieties, experiment with flavours, shade, but its aroma will always be recognisable. The choice of beer online in the UK is extensive. It may take a long time to understand what sort it is, as you need to analyse its colour, taste and aroma qualities.

Drinks based on barley malt were prepared within several centuries Before the Common Era by representatives of many civilisations — in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and America. In general, fermentation technology has not changed much since then, but the taste of beer, its quality and shelf life has significantly improved. The main component of both whiskey and beer is not malt but water — it is the purity and softness of water that play a primary role. Malt affects the taste. Depending on the type of malt, different types of beer are produced. Hops give subtle shades of taste and aroma, change the degree of bitterness and increase the shelf life. Yeast is responsible for the fermentation process.

The production process begins with the crushing of malt, which is then boiled with hops and water. Then, the wort is fermented for the required number of days (usually 7-9) and, depending on the desired result, it may be filtered and fermented. Finally, long-term storage beer is additionally pasteurised.

Varieties and types of beer

Not every drink lover knows that the hop product is divided into only 2 types. This classification is related not only to the shade but also to the method of fermentation. The first type is ale. It is made using top-fermented yeast. It has a fruity taste and an increased percentage of alcohol. Hops were not added to it, but herbs, spices and gruit were used instead, which added an interesting taste.

The second type is lager. It is a classic type, made with the addition of yeast and fermentation. If you want to avoid oxidation during the preparation of products, you need to adhere to the optimal temperature. After secondary fermentation, the finished product is poured into barrels and other vessels. As a rule, the colour of the alcoholic product is light yellow, but there are also dark varieties.

Experts also distinguish several types of beer, which differ in manufacturing technology and, as a result, in taste. Special technology of top fermentation produces ale at an elevated temperature. This beer is always stronger and darker than Lager.

Lager Beer – a classic light beer, which is brewed with the use of grassroots yeast culture. The Lager production process is longer and takes place at lower temperatures. The colour of Lager can vary from straw to medium-dark.

Lambic — Belgian beer, the fermentation of which requires no yeast cultures, but only malt, wheat grains and unique hops collected at least 3 years ago. There are also secrets of Lambic brewing, which do not allow you to make it somewhere other than Belgium. Lambic is the basis for the production of cherry and raspberry beer. There are varieties of Lambic that can last from 5 to 10 years.

Pilsener — the general name of light beer, prepared by the method of bottom fermentation. It was first prepared in 1842 in the Czech city of Plzen.

Wheat Beer — it includes malted wheat. During the production process, it is not fermented in huge steel tanks but directly in bottles. It is a classic unfiltered, “live” foam drink of a light, whitish colour.

Bock is a German beer made from mature barley and hops, it ferments and settles for several months, starting in October. It is a relatively strong and rich drink, which is drunk in small sips in small quantities. It is usually drunk in winter and spring.

Smoked beer belongs to the class of lagers and has a taste with subtle tar shades. This effect is achieved by drying the malt with smoke from the burning of the beech. The drink requires special companions — smoked meat or cheese, dishes cooked over an open fire.

Craft beer is not only about the classic ingredients: water, malt and hops. Small breweries can allow themselves to search for new recipes, the audience of which will be a narrow circle of friends or visitors to a local pub, with sometimes extreme tastes for an ordinary consumer. A large selection of craft beer online allows connoisseurs of this drink to enjoy unusual tastes.

Positive and negative properties of beer

There are benefits and harms from the hop product. The positive aspects of drinking ale are based on enriching the body with vitamins B and E, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The proper drink has an average calorie range, which does not significantly affect the figure. It is also an anti-stress remedy that relaxes your body after a working day.

Beer is also healthy. The main ingredient, hops, is beneficial for hair and nails. It eliminates dandruff and minor imperfections on the face. The drink improves metabolism and reduces the chances of dehydration.

Like any other alcoholic drink, it contains alcohol, which increases the load on the heart and venous bed. The excessive use of the product may cause an impact on the kidneys. On the one hand, it is a good diuretic, but on the other, the organ’s work becomes tense, and subsequently useful substances can be removed. The use of beer in large quantities by men is prohibited due to possible changes in the hormonal background to the female side.

If you are scrupulous about hop products wisely and not fanatically, it will only provide benefits.

How to choose and buy beer online

It is convenient to choose cheap beer online in the UK since each item has a detailed description and characteristics. You will quickly learn the features of beer and choose a drink that will certainly appeal to you. Pay attention to the following characteristics:

Alcohol concentration. It is characterised by the percentage of alcohol in the finished product. On average, the indicator varies between 3-6%. Non-alcoholic beer contains up to 0.5% alcohol. As a rule, light varieties are lighter, and dark ones are stronger. However, there are soft drinks, even among dark beer.

Colour. It is determined by the degree of roasting of the malt. The longer the malt is roasted, the darker the finished product becomes.

Density. It corresponds to the concentration of dry substances in the initial wort. Consumers note that the density affects the taste feature. Due to the consistency, dense beer seems stronger and more viscous.

Bitterness. The ratio of hops and malt determines it. The higher the coefficient is, the more bitterness of the drink is felt.

Guided by these tips, you can choose and buy beer online with delivery from our site.