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Beer is a drink loved by millions of people around the world. In some countries, the locals love this drink so much that it has become a real cult. For example, in Germany, it is drunk by more than 95% of men, the sale of beer here is elevated to the rank of art. No wonder that the most famous beer festival Octoberfest takes place here. Similar holidays are also held in Belgium, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. There is no need to travel worldwide to enjoy a particular sort of beer since our store provides online beer delivery in the UK.

Beer is one of the oldest drinks that remains popular today. Manufacturers produce new varieties, experiment with flavours, shade, but its aroma will always be recognisable. The choice of beer online in the UK is extensive. It may take a long time to understand what sort it is, as you need to analyse its colour, taste and aroma qualities.

Drinks based on barley malt were prepared within several centuries Before the Common Era by representatives of many civilisations — in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and America. In general, fermentation technology has not changed much since then, but the taste of beer, its quality and shelf life has significantly improved. The main component of both whiskey and beer is not malt but water — it is the purity and softness of water that play a primary role. Malt affects the taste. Depending on the type of malt, different types of beer are produced. Hops give subtle shades of taste and aroma, change the degree of bitterness and increase the shelf life. Yeast is responsible for the fermentation process.

The production process begins with the crushing of malt, which is then boiled with hops and water. Then, the wort is fermented for the required number of days (usually 7-9) and, depending on the desired result, it may be filtered and fermented. Finally, long-term storage beer is additionally pasteurised.

Varieties and types of beer

Not every drink lover knows that the hop product is divided into only 2 types. This classification is related not only to the shade but also to the method of fermentation. The first type is ale. It is made using top-fermented yeast. It has a fruity taste and an increased percentage of alcohol. Hops were not added to it, but herbs, spices and gruit were used instead, which added an interesting taste.

The second type is lager. It is a classic type, made with the addition of yeast and fermentation. If you want to avoid oxidation during the preparation of products, you need to adhere to the optimal temperature. After secondary fermentation, the finished product is poured into barrels and other vessels. As a rule, the colour of the alcoholic product is light yellow, but there are also dark varieties.

Experts also distinguish several types of beer, which differ in manufacturing technology and, as a result, in taste. Special technology of top fermentation produces ale at an elevated temperature. This beer is always stronger and darker than Lager.

Lager Beer – a classic light beer, which is brewed with the use of grassroots yeast culture. The Lager production process is longer and takes place at lower temperatures. The colour of Lager can vary from straw to medium-dark.

Lambic — Belgian beer, the fermentation of which requires no yeast cultures, but only malt, wheat grains and unique hops collected at least 3 years ago. There are also secrets of Lambic brewing, which do not allow you to make it somewhere other than Belgium. Lambic is the basis for the production of cherry and raspberry beer. There are varieties of Lambic that can last from 5 to 10 years.

Pilsener — the general name of light beer, prepared by the method of bottom fermentation. It was first prepared in 1842 in the Czech city of Plzen.

Wheat Beer — it includes malted wheat. During the production process, it is not fermented in huge steel tanks but directly in bottles. It is a classic unfiltered, “live” foam drink of a light, whitish colour.

Bock is a German beer made from mature barley and hops, it ferments and settles for several months, starting in October. It is a relatively strong and rich drink, which is drunk in small sips in small quantities. It is usually drunk in winter and spring.

Smoked beer belongs to the class of lagers and has a taste with subtle tar shades. This effect is achieved by drying the malt with smoke from the burning of the beech. The drink requires special companions — smoked meat or cheese, dishes cooked over an open fire.

Craft beer is not only about the classic ingredients: water, malt and hops. Small breweries can allow themselves to search for new recipes, the audience of which will be a narrow circle of friends or visitors to a local pub, with sometimes extreme tastes for an ordinary consumer. A large selection of craft beer online allows connoisseurs of this drink to enjoy unusual tastes.

Positive and negative properties of beer

There are benefits and harms from the hop product. The positive aspects of drinking ale are based on enriching the body with vitamins B and E, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The proper drink has an average calorie range, which does not significantly affect the figure. It is also an anti-stress remedy that relaxes your body after a working day.

Beer is also healthy. The main ingredient, hops, is beneficial for hair and nails. It eliminates dandruff and minor imperfections on the face. The drink improves metabolism and reduces the chances of dehydration.

Like any other alcoholic drink, it contains alcohol, which increases the load on the heart and venous bed. The excessive use of the product may cause an impact on the kidneys. On the one hand, it is a good diuretic, but on the other, the organ’s work becomes tense, and subsequently useful substances can be removed. The use of beer in large quantities by men is prohibited due to possible changes in the hormonal background to the female side.

If you are scrupulous about hop products wisely and not fanatically, it will only provide benefits.

How to choose and buy beer online

It is convenient to choose cheap beer online in the UK since each item has a detailed description and characteristics. You will quickly learn the features of beer and choose a drink that will certainly appeal to you. Pay attention to the following characteristics:

Alcohol concentration. It is characterised by the percentage of alcohol in the finished product. On average, the indicator varies between 3-6%. Non-alcoholic beer contains up to 0.5% alcohol. As a rule, light varieties are lighter, and dark ones are stronger. However, there are soft drinks, even among dark beer.

Colour. It is determined by the degree of roasting of the malt. The longer the malt is roasted, the darker the finished product becomes.

Density. It corresponds to the concentration of dry substances in the initial wort. Consumers note that the density affects the taste feature. Due to the consistency, dense beer seems stronger and more viscous.

Bitterness. The ratio of hops and malt determines it. The higher the coefficient is, the more bitterness of the drink is felt.

Guided by these tips, you can choose and buy beer online with delivery from our site.